realme gt special event
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realme, has announced its GT 2 Series Special Event will take place on 20th December, premiering three world-first innovative technologies. In line with the brand’s premium flagship strategy, realme is introducing breakthrough technologies in eco-friendly materials, photograph advancement and communication technology.

realme gt special event

Cutting-edge technologies, trendsetting designs and accessibility for young customers are the signatures of realme, helping to crown realme as the youngest smartphone brand in the industry’s top 6 worldwide rankings and still maintaining strong momentum in global expansion.​ In the brand’s first premium series, realme will once again collaborate with world-renowned industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, in pursuit of the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics, modernness and tradition, functionality and sustainability.​

realme gt special event 2

Furthermore, realme and Naoto Fukasawa also explore values beyond design by applying innovative bio-based materials for the first-ever time in smartphones. This eco-friendly material is able to reduce carbon emission by 63% per kilogram while remaining as strong and durable as traditional methods.​

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