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To celebrate National Pet Day on Saturday 11th April 2020 and keep the UK connected to the things they love, Vodafone is offering customers an upfront saving of £24 on their V-Pet Tracker – when purchased online from 9th – 16th April 2020.

Save Big on the V-Pet Tracker to celebrate National Pet Day 1


With the V-Pet Tracker from the V by Vodafone range  you’ll be able to stay up to speed on your pet’s health and wellbeing thanks to advanced fitness tracking and know exactly where they are even when they’re out of sight.


V-Pet Tracker monitors everything your pet does – from walking and running to sleeping and eating – and will give you a daily overview of calories burned based on their breed as well as tips to improve their overall health via the dashboard in the app. You can then use these findings to set your pet goals and plan their diet. You can also compare your pet’s activity levels with others (of the same breed and age) for even more of an insight into their overall health and happiness.

With the V-Pet Tracker, you can easily view your pet’s whereabouts through an app on your smartphone using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS. Live Tracking will give you an update on your pet’s location every three seconds, and if you stop using the tracker for more than 5 minutes, it will turn itself off to avoid draining the battery.

Save Big on the V-Pet Tracker to celebrate National Pet Day 2

The Safe Zone and Virtual Leash features give you instant alerts if your pet moves out of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range, so you’ll know when it’s time to start tracking and thanks to geofencing you’ll no longer need to worry about your pet wandering off. Set up this feature by drawing a virtual fence around a specific area on a map within the app – if your pet moves beyond that, you’ll receive an alert.


Built to last, the V-Pet Tracker can withstand rough and tumble play and has a much larger battery life (10 days dependent on usage) compared to its predecessor. It’s also waterproof (IP67) and has a useful LED light, which you can activate from the app.

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